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Discovering my Strengths!

Updated: Feb 28

Strengths are those things we find easy and take for granted...

Discovering my strengths has been a vital part of the personal development journey. I have done so many different things to understand my strengths and talents. I have lost count on how many personality profiles tests I have taken including Wealth Dynamics, Kolbe, Myers Briggs etc. I have even delved into Numerology which was fascinating, eye opening and extremely accurate. I believe personal development and self mastery are a never ending pursuit.

Here is the result of what I discovered about my strengths and talents:

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Diplomatic

  • Team maker

  • Rapport Builder

  • Networker

  • Presenter

  • Speaker

  • Leader

  • Teacher

  • Problem Solver

  • Committed to Love and work

With each of these Strengths and Talents I discovered they are unique to me, for example Sales has many different approaches and I have found my way. This is the same goes for each and every one I have listed above.

"Talent without the application of hard work, is simply wasted talent."

Talent is nature but consistent hard work will out run talent alone, if you are not using your talents it is time to start taking action. There is a saying "If you can read and choose not to read, then you are no better off than someone who can't read".

Pick up that book, watch that video, do that training... You get my drift.

I wish you awareness, clarity and fulfilment on your journey to discover your strengths and talents.

If you need any help please reach out.

All the best Dan xx ; )

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