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Passionate about helping people!

I have struggled with my self-belief and confidence and one day someone handed me a book on cosmic ordering and that led to a book called the secret, this totally had me intrigued and led to find out how I can work on me. my beliefs and my state. By spending a lot of time working on myself I came to discovered that growing up I did lack emotional and physical support, encouragement and guidance which has had an effect on me and I now realise that I have been trying to fill that void through my values which are: Learning, Growth, Creativity, Helping others, Flexibility, Connecting and Recognition.

Finding my own path has been a balance of trials and tribulations with amazing highs and some dark lows. I am truly grateful for them all because I got to go through these experiences meaning I am living.


Taking you back, I was so hang up on past failures which led to severe depression and I over thought my future which led to serve anxiety I had a number of years feeling this way, completely lost, not believing in myself and then something happened in my professional career which led to a nervous break down with serve panic attacks sometimes multiple per night. I struggled to sleep, I struggled to get up, I struggled to do anything, the only way I can describe it was a zombie like state, the lights were on but no one was home. 

I then remembered something a mentor Dr Demartini said to me and teaches.


"Dan, life is both good and bad, they also happen simultaneously with the same amount of energy and gusto but what we do is only see the bad when it happens and not the good and vice versa we only see the good and not the bad but it is balanced"

In the moment when I clasped on the floor in uncontrollable tears and fear which is one of my darkest moments, I had a beacon of light in the way of my wife Emma who was there holding me, comforting me and supporting me she was my good in the bad moment, this was a revelation to me and huge AHHA! 


My Philosophy is I use the past as a school and not a working mans club where I go back every night. I now take the lessons and apply them in any current situations where needed, I have dreams and aspirations where I set as goals for the future creating a plan and then most importantly I focus on the now taking the action needed to get to the goal I have set. 


Being in the here and now is the place to be in fact it is the only place that exists the past and present aren't real they only exist in your mind and you are in control of your mind. Remember the now is a gift this is why they call it the present.   

Learning this about myself has led me to live my purpose which is to help people, I do this through coaching, training and sharing my story and experience in talks and presentations. 

I truly love what I do and my mission is to help people gain clarity, boost confidence and take control of their lives.


All the best xx


  • Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Presenting and Speaking.
  • Networking and Events.
  • Personal development.
  • Construction and Refurbishment
  • Property Investment.
  • Small businesses. 

  • Sales and marketing. 

  • Managing and Consulting 


  • 42 years of life experience. 

  • 20 years investing in my own personal growth.

  • 17 years as a professional networker.  

  • 15 years in domestic building and refurbishment. 

  • 12 years running my own small businesses. 

  • 11 years of presenting and speaking. 

  • 9 years investing in property.

  • 5 years of coaching, mentoring and training others.  

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